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Invisible loot problem

In short: Loot became invisible, and this is not an inappropriate lootfilter usage problem.

Details: after another monolith mission, when i touch those two loot chests - loot dropped without clickable names, so i wasn’t able to pick it up. Probably alt-tab during zone loading was involved - not sure about this.

What i tried:

  • Spamming “X” to disable filter;
  • Toggling current filter to “no filter”;
  • Creating new filter which would “show all” in normal circumstances;
  • Getting new item from my chest and dropping it to the ground - it becomes invisible also;
  • Leaving to character selection and loggin into back. Of course i wasn’t able to access already lost loot, but that kinda did help and nameplates was present after.

logs: i didn’t restart the game, but i did relog before taking a copy:
Last (2.1 MB)

Video: Last Epoch 2022 11 05 20 58 01 02 DVR - YouTube

//As an extra small bug, that was accidentally captured in video: i wasn’t able to close lootfilter menu via [Cross] button. Though it did closed by [Escape] a few seconds later.

ps. rip that unknown unique

Welcome to the forum.

I have a feeling you toggled ground items using either Z (old default) or Shift-Z (new default) - these are separate to loot filter toggling and override everything to the point where you will see the items on the ground but not able to pick them up.

Just toggle it back to be able to get the ground item tooltips again.

Well, it sounds silly, but alt+z does reproduce the problem, so seems you are right.

Also, it does coincident with nvidia shadowplay default overlay hotkey, so it isn’t that hard to click it by accident and not being able to accidentally turn it off.

upd: also in some other game “show all items” does override “hide nameplates”, so it’s a counter-intuitive decision to do it otherwise.

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