Invisible Enemies

After entering the Shard portal all Enemies become Invisible, this happened on two different Characters so far. Changing Zones does not seem to change anything regarding the Enemies, I can see their Attacks but nothing else. I also cannot see my Damage Numbers.

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I just had the same bug it happened right after entering the outcast camp after going into End Of Time for the first time.

I am constantly having this problem. So far the only thing I’ve found to fix it is to close the game and reopen. For me I could be changing zones or it could just happen while I’m fighting something and eventually the game becomes unplayable and basically crashes. Some ppl have been able to fix it with a driver update but mine are all up to date. Not sure what else to do

I just relogged into the game and enemies are still invisible. Good thing i’m using hungering souls and it’s homings missiles :roll_eyes: Not sure what to do at this point I can’t really play.

Bumping this because all enemies everywhere are invisible after entering the portal. Closing the app and restarting does not solve. Game is unplayable.

Just happed to me, right at the beginning of the tutorial area. Restart didn’t work. In offline play, enemies appear, but not the armor on the character.