Invisible Bone Golem (all minions)


I logged in today, loaded into an echo and noticed that my Bone Golem was invisible but still dealing damage. I tried summoning other minions, they are also invisible, but i can hear them “die” when i change them off my skill bar. ALL Minions have this for me now.

I tried messing around with my graphics settings, restarting the game and my system but non of it worked. Maybe its a cache thing? i will try and validate game files aswell.

you can see the Bone shatter proccing of the golem when i am casting rip clood near its location in this picture!

Invisible Bone Golem

Player-prev.log (312.5 KB)


VAlidating the game files (or maybe restarting the game) did fix this issue!

This helped me too, the validation found one file bad and replaced it.