Invincible enemies, and missing enemies on reentry

at one point in the middle of the map my enemies stopped receiving damage, i switched my build a couple of maps before and have now much higher damage, so that wasn’t the problem.

2 things that might have happened:

  1. I switched off damage numbers (shouldn’t influence gameplay though obv)
  2. a naga elite was around and said: allies take much less damage.

The map actually has a shitton of those, i tried to outrun them and damage little mobs that are even outside the visible circle, but nothing happened. so i teleported out and in again, and now suddenly all the enemies are gone. is this normal? do you have to clear the level in one go?

it was super odd to me, and i found another report like this that was closed, so no idea if this is an actual problem…

oh and it was a rerolls echo rewards map/echo (sry im coming from poe, le feels way nicer tbh :wink: )

edit: ok i went back in again and i have the same issue. is the shaman buff: allies take reduced damage additive/multiplicative? i think it shouldn’t. i don’t know what happened. als I’m playing “offline” (there’s still a global chat…)

ok and now it crashed^^

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