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[Inventory] [UI] - Searching by (type) damage in the stash also highlights (type) resistance

When using the search function in the user’s stash, searching any string that follows ‘(type) damage’ also highlights '(type) resistance. Example: searching by ‘lightning damage’ highlights all items with lightning damage, as well as items with lightning resistance.

Steps to Repro:

  1. Launch application.
  2. Proceed to gameplay.
  3. Acquire an item with a typed resistance. (such as fire, cold, lightning, physical, poison, necrotic, or void that does not also provide a damage mod for spell, elemental, or the same damage type. Ex. an item with Lightning Resistance that does not have +Spell Damage, +Elemental Damage, or +Lightning Damage.
  4. Place the item in the user’s stash.
  5. Use the stash search to highlight items using the string ‘(type) damage’ where (type) is replaced, without parenthesis, with the damage type of the item from step 3.
  6. Observe stash.

Observed Results:
The item from step 3 is highlighted by the stash search.

Expected Results:
The item from step 3 is not highlighted by the stash search.


  1. Issue observed in build 0.8.2I
  2. If the user searches by 'Lightning/Fire/Cold resistance and the user has an item with Elemental Resistance in the stash, the Elemental Resistance item will not be highlighted. This suggests that getting +resistance gear highlighted in a search for items with +damage is an unintended outcome.