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Inventory & Sound bugs

Good day,

First off I’d like to say that I’m very impressed with this game and am excited to see it as it progresses in the future. I have noticed a couple bugs in the beta. Most of them started to happen after playing for an hour or so.

The first, I’m not sure what initiated it but I have an item which is just permanently hanging out in the background of my inventory but which isn’t actually there which creates odd graphic overlays (as you can see in the screenshot). I’ve logged out and in and the one spot in my inventory still has the augment item graphic in it but acts like a normal inventory spot which is open. I THINK but am not sure that this bug started when I placed an item that I had augmented into my inventory and then sold it to a vendor, I may be wrong though.

The other happened when I was doing arena waves, around 20 or 25 the sound fx stopped working and only music played without sound effects (I didn’t change any settings, it fixed itself on a relog).

Great game, keep up the good work!



Thanks for the kind words!

For the inventory issue - try using the sort button for that.

We’re aware of a few audio bugs, can’t offer a workaround at the moment. Sorry!


That worked AND made me realize that there was a sort function! Win Win!

Thanks for the prompt response!

Glad I could help!

Please note that the sort function is currently a very early iteration and it’s not truly sorting items so much as it is bunching them together. But it’s a great workaround when this bug occurs. :slight_smile: