Inventory globally inaccessible after stash tab creation

Twice over the previous weekend I saw this series of events:

  • Create new stash tab, log out
  • [perhaps a short visual glitch]
  • Log back in with a previous character and open inventory
  • No items are visible in any folders of global inventory
  • Items on character are still visible
  • Try not to panic. Make no inventory changes. Log out.
  • Log in with a different character again. Inventory still inacessible. Log out.
  • Start trying to work out how contact EHG customer support
  • Exit game. Wait 5-10 minutes. Restart game.
  • Inventory returns to normal. Happy days.

Please forgive the lack of log files or screenshots. I will append these if symptoms recur.

Another inventory problem I’ve seen is that after exiting a monolith, a character may be shown on the Inventory panel as not wearing some or all items of armor. They are still rendered on the model. If inventory changes are made before logout, the ‘missing’ item may sometimes be found in the character’s hand, as if between inventory and ground. I’ve not yet definitely seen items lost from the online account but I’ve had at least two of the first and two of the second types of UI glitch in the past 5 days, so on 0.9L.

Many thanks for publishing the 0.9.1 patch notes so far in advance.


Player.log (1.5 MB)
Please find attached a log from this bug’s most recent occurrence. At the point of collecting this log, my online character could see nothing in the Stash (just empty folders). This recurrence was on version 0.9.1 around an hour after the Towns were disabled.