Inventory and Stash Visibility

I know that there have been many posts about the inventory and stash and many of those have revolved around being able to distinguish between items. I have a recommendation that may solve many of these issues. At this time the background in the inventory and stash are black, but if they were changed to be white, off-white, or something lighter like that it would help a lot.

This would make it easier to spot blue from purple from yellow and so forth, as well as make it easier to see what spots in your stash are empty. I often leave an empty spot when I use something and don’t like to “auto sort” so rearrange my stash once I have it set up. But this makes it hard to find that empty spot when I have something to put in my stash.

Just a recommendation, not sure if everyone agrees but I think it would help a lot of the current issues regarding visibility.

If this gets used, great! If not, that’s ok too. Just wanted to throw it out there.

Thanks for listening to the community so much!

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Agreed. As it stands, it is very hard for me to distinguish filtered inventory items (especially idols), changing up the background would be an easy fix.

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