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Introducing one of the denizens of Chapter 2

I look forward to playing Chapter 2. I enjoyed playing through Chapter 1 and intend to repeat it on multiple characters when I finally get some time off of work.

Nice to see some familiar faces from POE branch out on their own. I just recently stopped playing it after several years, and hope to make this game my new home in the longrun.

I have read through most of the posts on the forums (I think) so I hope I’m not repeating a previous post, but the graphics for me were very choppy and slow to react to my clicks. I don’t have a potato PC, but not a very good one either, so I am not sure if it was understandably just the early Alpha release or my PC.

Keep up the good work, I am really looking forward to see more content.


Looking forward to metoering it down!

PS: why does it look like arioch has a dev account? :o

Well he’s an interesting fellow, liking his look though!

Very interesting. I wonder how well he will survive in that armor with no shield to hide behind when my skeletal mages and archers start launching barrages against him.