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Introducing Another of the Races of Eterra: Meet the Skullen!

Here’s the design sheet for a new race you’ll soon start finding in the lands of Eterra!

Many arrogant adventurers have understimated the threat posed by the Skullen upon seeing their crude-looking clubs and spears. Not all have lived to learn from this mistake, as the wily Skullen can quickly swarm their foes with overwhelming numbers.

While most Skullen favor melee combat, some are capable of using rudimentary spellcasting to assault enemies from range - and others pelt their foes with rocks.


Click on the image to see the full-sized version.


Hello Mr. Skullen!

Is there any discussion of being able to choose different races eventually, and if so will some classes be race locked?

It’s not something we’ve discussed thus far.

In addition to being a large amount of extra work for the art team, it would likely require very significant changes to the storyline. It’s worth noting that the main reason classes are currently gender-locked is how much time it would take to have all armour (and MTX) fit an additional five character models. While we generally adopt a ‘never say never’ approach to ideas, I can’t see this being something we work on in the near future.


Okay! Absolutely I think you guys should focus on the main core of the game, story line adjustments, extensions, changes, class updates, everything. something like races is mostly just extra shiny stuff that isnt needed. at the least not until maybe late beta talk in my opinion.

This is so cool! I love, LOVE the tribal masks.
I want one as a plushie for my shelf lol


Wish I saw this before I just posted my latest ARPG news video! Looks good!

the tribal masks look great!

No need to be Sulken!

I think they look like sandslash

I Like the idea to introduce more race in the game…please continue!!!

Anyone know if this new race will be available in the next patch? When?

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