Intermittent Black Screen Every 10-15 Zones (See Video)

I regularly experience the entire environment (all non-UI elements) going completely black either for the duration of a zone, or intermittently while in a zone. Here’s a video of the bug: (Note: Bug appears at 0:00 and again at 1:20)

I also experience infrequent “unity” crashes. I’ve attached the most recent example below: (77.0 KB)

Windows 10
nVidia 3070 (461.72 Game Ready Driver)
16gb DDR3

I’ll happily answer any questions to help you identify the cause of these bugs.

Very odd. Have you tried getting steam to verify the game files? I noticed there was also a black sphere around you character from ~10s in.

Yes, I’ve verified the Steam game files both before and since experiencing this bug – it appeared with the same regularity after verifying.

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