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Interacts with interactable objects when holding down left mouse button

When I click and hold my left mouse button somewhere and then moves the mousecursor to any interactable object, for example a new zone entrance, it interacts with it and enters the new zone. This applies to all NPCs, items, chests etc.

Thanks for the report!

We’re going to discuss this in a future meeting.

Going to move this one as it isn’t a bug, but the post has value as feedback.

We’ve discussed this and the team are leaning towards changing it. I’m not sure if I can entirely commit to that just yet, however - and I’d be interested in how others feel about it.

I like it not activating npcs/chests/other objects, but do prefer not having to click again on a zone exit (mostly because they are already temperamental to begin with)

We have been discussing improvements to these. Can’t offer an ETA just yet.

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