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Interaction bug with Paladin skills and passive

I was doing some test and accidentally found a bug.
The passive in Paladin tree, Prayer, gives you increased damage and healing effectiveness when you heal youself or ally recently. So if you use Smite near yourself, you are healed by Smite, and you can see the effect on player stats. However, if you use Smite while Sigils of Hope is active (regardless of the number, and regardless of the sequence), the effect of Prayer will not trigger. You will not see the increased damage and healing effectiveness on your stats. Now if you use Judgement (which heals you through the ground effect) while Sigils of Hope is active, Prayer effect is corrected triggered.
So I believe there is a bug related to the interaction among Prayer, Smite and Sigils of Hope. Please check and fix it. Thanks!

There was a bug where if a heal would take you over your max hp then prayer wouldn’t proc.

Edit: I can’t see that it’s been fixed on the patch notes, so it’s possible that when you used Smite with Sigils of Hope active and the heal would have taken you above your ax hp.

Ah ha, I get it. My Smite spec tree has Sacrifice, so when I use Smite while Sigils of Hope is not active, first I took some damage, and then healed by Smite, Prayer successfully triggered. Now if I have Sigils of Hope on, my health regen is so high that the healing effect of Smite can’t heal the full amount. I tested again with Exsanguinous and Prayer correctly triggered.
So this bug is simply the same as the one you mentioned and it is not fixed yet according to my test.

And…found another bug, not sure anyone reported it before. Is Righteous Firebrand working correctly now? I don’t seem to able to trigger it by any means.

It looks like it, yes. I tested on an old Paladin & with 7 points in Righteous Firebrand my “basic attack dps” went up from 118 to 180 on casting Healing Hand. At least, my melee damage increased, whether it increased by the correct amount is an entirely different question…

Yes I can confirm it works on Healing Hand or other Active spells. However it does not seem to be working with triggered spells. Divine Bolt from passive and Flame Blast from Holy Aura will not activate Righteous Firebrand.

I think that’s because you need to directly cast spells to proc Righteous Firebrand & that that’s “working as intended”, though it’d be nice if one of the devs could confirm.

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