Interaction between Undisputed and Summon forged weapons

Hi there,

Summoned forged weapons create a copy of your weapon. I was wandering what is the interaction between the summoned forged weapons and the unique “Undisputed”.

Would the line “10% increased physical damage for each recent melee hit against a bleeding enemy (up to 200%)” benefit to each individual Summoned forged weapons per individual hit they applied ? Or is it a global count among all the hits the Summoned forged weapons applied, equally shared among all of your Summoned forged weapons ?

Haven’t tested, but more likely answer is “does nothing” - most unique affixes do not work for Forged Weapons or Manifest Armor, even the simpler ones. Iirc devs have mentioned in passing that they want to make more stuff work for these skills but it’s not being treated as a major priority.

I’ve never tried it, but it’ll either not be inherited/work or it’ll be tracked by minion (since its probably a damage modifier stat that the wielder has rather than a debuff that the target has). It should be reasonably easy to test against one of the enemy training dummies though.