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You ever had so much success that you needed to pretend you were failing to make any meaning at all?

I wonder if there is a break point or are we, individually, just doomed to be trapped in our own minds?

I wonder what that feels like. lol

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Haha, yeah me either.

Just watching the Clippers circling the drain again.
The only battle of LA I will see these last 2 seasons will be next week in the LA Fitness Parking Lot.

Just dont see the Clippers pulling out of this tailspin. And they definately arent going to boom/bust or blunder/lurch their way past their probable next opponent if they manage to get to round 3. Suns are just too smooth.

The only chirping the Clippers will hear is the silence found in their empty locker room and the make believe stories they try to get us to imagine as the break up happens.

Course there are still two losses to get there. But I just dont see it anymore.

Stop it.
Get some help.


I wouldn’t know, I have shit rng

Haha. Cant wait to see how this goes. Was I right? No clue, but man I love me some NBA action. Chris Paul getting a ring is long overdue.

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