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Insane Prices For Gambling (Very) Rare Uniques Like Orians`s Eye?

First of all - sorry for my miserable grammar, I´m not an englisch native.

So I´ve been playing Last Epoch for about 2 weeks now and loving it all the way through. Did a lvl 95 Multishot Marksman and right now working on a (currently 97) Elemental Nova Sorcerer. I have a lot of experience with POE and got into the game pretty easy, accumulating about 150-200hours (I´m on vacation), did Arena to 185, ~120 Corruption in Empowered Monos so far, did pretty much “everthing” there is (I know I can still get much better)

Both of the builds “need” build enabeling Uniques - Drelkor`s Compass for Marksman, Ashen Crown for Sorcerer. Both of them are pretty easy to get, took me ~500k gold for the bow and 5 tries for the Ashen Crown, followed by dropping 2 of them shortly after - no complaints here.

Now we´re getting to my topic - I want Orian´s Eye for my Mage. I know its not “needed” but I really want to feel the “full” build. After short research I realised I´m upgrading from gambling “common” uniques to a “extremely rare” unique. People in chat told me it took them 30 Million + gold to gamble this Amulett. Some guy even said 38 mil. There`s some videos on Youtube from lucky guys getting it after just a few tries, but who knows how often they recorded this video before.

My main concern here is the HUGE jump in cost - or rarity if you will. I´m making around 200-300k gold an hour with 69% increased Droprate from Mono, and focusing on Gold nodes + Arena Keys for selling (Please tell me if thats just bad - gratefull for tipps). I don´t see a way to improve that rate right now. Knowing I will probably need at least 100 hours of pure gold farming to MAYBE get this amulet is exremely frustrating, since this is a beta after all and i would really like to try other builds as well, but dont want to leave this build “unfinished” since I really like it and already have gear for when I get the amulet.

I know the amulet just is really freaking good. I know that its kind of the point to “chase” for good Items and I do enjoy that. Coming from PoE I always “chase” to get a headhunter every league, because it keeps me motivated and gives me a goal, but here I dont have a garantuee to EVER get it. I could still be gambling at 50mil gold in (I´m about 4mil Gold into it right now, I know thats probably pathetic for the hardcore players) and that kind of takes the goal out of sight.

I thought it may be cool to have the opportunity to buy Uniques for a slightly higher amount of gold than it would take you on average to gamble it, so you at least have something “in sight” and there is Legendarys coming after all, so those will probably take the prestige place of Uniques in the end.

What are your thoughts on this? Any tips for me? I really don´t wanna be a crybaby, I just wanted to share my thought on this topic.

Keep up the good work, loving every bit of the game so far and its amazing to see the patches fly in rapidly!

  • Zegge

The going rate based on the nominal rate of return it takes roughly 10M to get started with getting an Orian’s by gambling.

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You’re not the only one suffering through this though I don’t think anything needs to change. You should get the increased amulet drop rate blessing as we may be here for awhile. Artem is a jerk

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Well thank you for your answer, but this still leaves some questions in my head. So you are saying i get a chance to gamble it at about 10mil, so with a price of 10.9k without rerolling I have a 0.00109% of gambling it? So 1/1000 basically?

Or is there another way the probability of getting those uniques is calculated? Does it take into consideration how much gold you already gambled, or is it really just this crazy small chance?

There is a gamble simulator on tunkslab site, don’t expect to see orian’s in the beta if you are worried about the grind not being worth it. If you’ve only tried 2 builds I’d highly recommend just moving onto something else and gambling various items/stash tabs. If you see the amulet drop hurray, if not… like you said it’s beta. I’m on attempt #30 empowered stolen lance for wings of argentus and have realized it’s just not worth my time to grind out things like that in a beta state when I can play thru a full build to 100 in that time (literally hit 99 on my werebear who has done nothing but farm stolen lance 100 timeline for armor). Lotta stuff to test out and play around with in the meantime. Pretty sure wings of argentus is like 100x easier to farm too lol

According to the devs, the amulet drop rate blessing won’t affect how soon you see it but the unique blessing would. I don’t quite agree with the logic of that since if you’re getting x% more amulets you should have a higher chance of getting the unique (even though rarity is rolled first).

Yeah, wings of argentus has a 10% drop rate.

Well guys … I just got it xD

Took me about 4,5-5 mil now, seem´s like all you have to do really is complain (and maybe grind a bit)

Much love <3

I could have sworn it was you who told me that uniques are not rolled as a rarity in LE, they are a separate roll entirely? I couldn’t find it in my history though

Nope, rarity is rolled first, then item type/base, this is why you can still get uniques that don’t have a droppable base such as Exsanguinous.

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