Insane lag in South American server

since yesterday I’ve been experience extreme lag everytime I enter a monolith map. Its always around 10 seconds that i have to wait on spawn waiting for it to normalize, but sometimes there’s a group of mobs or a big elite right next to my spawn and I can see him kill me but cant do anything about it, its getting extrimely annoying (I play alone btw).

I read other posts saying that the game uses huge bandwith and i checked, the game uses 2 Mb/s constantly, even though its nowhere near close my maximum download speed i find it a bit excesive so maybe the problem is coming from there.

The only reason I created a character in Online mode was just in case i play with a friend in the future, but to avoid this, my suggestion is: let me play offline with my online characters if im going alone into the session. If i decide that I want to play with someone else i’d need to relog and join an online session.