Infinite spell power and cast speed - arcane ascendance

If you take acuity for the mage skill arcane ascendance along with the increase spell power and cast speed per second while active nodes you can literally have an infinite amount of each before you even cast a spell. Since you don’t lose mana with acuity once you activate the skill you can go to the store and come back with 30k spell power . Add the ability to cast 12 spells before it expires and you can see the issues it presents especially in arena. On higher waves you can just wait to start a new wave set until you get so much spell power that you one shot mobs. Not a bug just very broken . Please fix ASAP.


This might belong more in the bug reports area rather then in feedback and Suggestions.

Though now I kind of want to try that out and see what kind of meme build I can make before they patch it. :wink: :rofl:

Edit: now that I reread what you said, yeah it might not be a bug or might actually be one where they forgot to add something in to stop the infinite power boost.

I tried something similar. I use Desintegrate with mana drain. As a result I can stay in Arcane Ascendance as long as I want. Spelldamage is increasing for 5% every second. A test with the dummy had as a result that there is a something lake a max cap for the spelldamage applied. At some point the damage on the dummy did not increase but the spelldamage numbers still got higher on the stats page.

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