Infinite Loading Screens when moving between areas

Specifically between two areas - Felled Forest and The Darkling Pier - I get stuck in an infinite loading screen and have to exit to the character login screen to be able to play again. No matter how many times I try, the loading screens do not work for these areas.

Player.log (543.1 KB)

GPU: Nvidia 3060 TI
CPU: i7-1100KF
RAM: 32 gb

I believe graphics are all on high settings.

Thank you!


Have you tried verifying the game files?

I’ll check again

I did just check, and it didn’t catch any issues.

I’ve checked your log and it contains a lot of errors with:

CRC Mismatch. Provided 9d4fe9e7, calculated 25595b25 from data. Will not load AssetBundle 'aa\StandaloneWindows64\actors_misc_visuals_assets_all.bundle'

Can you remove this file, then verify the game and see if this will help ?

The bundles are located in:

Last Epoch\Last Epoch_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64

This seems to have fixed the issue! Thank you!!


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