Infinite Lightning Blast Sorc Build Guide - great for starting season and beginners! 0.9 Ready

If you love single target Lightning Blast as much as I do, this is the build for you! It clears T4 Julra in ~30 seconds and 400+ corruption easily. I’ll show you how you can reliably sustain casting LB indefinitely, boost your DPS and tankiness with Arcane Ascendance, and take down enemies off-screen with LB. It’s a really fun build and it’s great for starting a brand new season with because it’s fairly cheap to put together.

The build planner is already using 0.9 patch notes from the last beta test. So as long as there aren’t any major surprises when 0.9 comes out, the build will be just as strong then. I’ll update the build planner if necessary!

I’ll also show you a different variant of the build that you can spec into! Check the aspirational build planner for how that itemization would work in a late game setting.


Do you think this could work with meteor on crit mixed in?

I feel like the meteors will sap our mana really quickly. Let me know if it works though!

I tried this build and i kept running out of mana, since its all mostly single target and the nova ability damage is terrible against anything more than the basic grunts.

I am used to video games being relatively easy until endgame where the hard content is, but sadly, this game is not like that, quick deaths are common for me, it seems the game is designed to have burst dps over sustained, from what i have seen, is if you can handle 1v1, groups will be a problem, but if you can handle groups easily, 1v1s will be an issue.

It seems like you can only spec for one of those, while the game throws both at you at the same time.