Inexistent Character Customization

Greetings, dedicated Last Epoch adventurers,

I wish to address a pressing concern that pertains to character customization, with a particular focus on the Primalist class. It has come to my attention that when creating characters in our beloved Last Epoch, there are no options available to personalize their appearance. This issue becomes more glaring when we compare our game to other top-tier Action RPGs, where character design is often more detailed and intricate. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Primalist’s eyes appear to be fixed in a squint, a noticeable deviation from the advertised character look.

In a gaming landscape where Last Epoch is not free to play and is constantly measured against highly anticipated titles like Diablo IV or Path of Exile, the absence of character customization options, especially for iconic classes, can be disheartening. Many players relish the chance to imbue their characters with uniqueness and style, allowing them to resonate with their virtual alter egos within the game world.

I firmly believe that by granting players greater freedom to tailor their characters’ appearance, we can elevate the overall Last Epoch experience and set our game apart in the fiercely competitive world of action RPGs. It’s imperative that our game offers a level of personalization that meets or exceeds the expectations set by similar titles in the genre.

I eagerly await your insights on this matter. Do you consider character customization to be a pivotal aspect of Last Epoch? Have you observed deficiencies in the customization options for other classes or aspects of the game? Let’s initiate a dialogue and gauge if we can rally community support to address this concern.

Your time and input are greatly valued. Together, we can contribute to making Last Epoch an even more immersive and captivating adventure for all players.

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Yes, but its a lower priority than getting the rest of the promised content in and working well.

Additionally, a)I’m not sure how adding a feature that another game (D4) has “set’s LE apart”, b)you won’t be able to see any of the D4 character customisations underneath LE’s helm/body armour from a 3rd person isometric view given LE doesn’t have in-engine cutscenes like D4 has.

@AndrewTilley probably has a link to any dev comments on the matter & I’m on my phone so can’t/don’t want to search for it.

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Character customization has been discussed at great length within this longstanding thread on the subject. You can also learn more about long-term plans EHG has for character customization within this thread, which houses most of the developer responses on this subject.


I was deliberately tryimg to avoid that one…

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There’s tons of ways to customize your character and make it look unique … Equipment. ARPGs are not known for “character customization” - it’s not an MMO.

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I am an altaholic, already at my 20 character limit, and I name my characters based on specific theme so I would love to see character customization, but I agree with LE that it’s low priority.

Unless they suddenly get a lot of funding, I don’t think they should be spending the limited resources they have on character customization now.

I also agree with the sentiment that gears we wear are already doing majority of the character customization in this game; so if anything, on top of the cosmetic shop they are expanding, I would rather to see them to give us an option to freely use the appearance of all the gears we have found in game (transmorg system in Diablo 3)

Long before character customization, I would like to see equipment transmog functionality. At least that’s something I would be able to see.

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But I want to use a 32-bit colour pallet to select the eye colour of my Sentinel and then be able to select one of a thousand different navel piercings to display under my plate armour.

Oh, and a Prince Albert.

Unless there’s pirate-themed customizations, I’m not interested. My Beastmaster needs a peg leg and eyepatch!

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And a Prince Albert.

…in a can?

Just google what it is. Assuming you either like piercings or have a strong stomach…

Yeah, I know what it is. ‘Prince Albert…in a can’ is an old joke tho. They kind of go hand-in-hand when one mentions Prince Albert.

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Ah, I’d not heard of that.

Based on the duo of honourable competitors you name in your post, Path of Exile and Diablo IV:

I would, cautiously, place some confidence in Last Epoch’s capacity to meet, and potentially someday exceed, Path of Exile’s level of customisation. Mainly, because it is a game which doesn’t offer any kind of character customisation (unless something has been recently added, I haven’t visited the cruel shores of Wraeclast in many moons), but is widely considered extremely successful despite this shortcoming. A fact that could be seen as disproving the “imperative” nature of this feature.

Now, the newest addition to the ARPG landscape, Diablo IV, does offer a vast amount of character customisation. Far more, in fact, than any ARPG ever seen before. But this brings a few thoughts, three of which I will share below:
“Meeting or exceeding” the graphics qualities of Diablo IV would require a large team of highly specialised artists and developpers. It would mean resources on a really vast scale, far beyond the reach of Eleventh Hour Games (and pretty much anyone else save a handful of gigantic studios).
As our esteemed (most of the time) co-player Llama8 wisely noted, customisation goes hand-in-hand with fully integrated cinematics, a feature Last Epoch doesn’t have at this point. In common gameplay, a personalised character would be barely noticeable.
Diablo IV, despite all the customisation, the gorgeous cinematics and the overall stunning graphics, has been strongly criticised by a fringe of the gaming community more concerned by skills, endgame and other technicalities, than by outside appearances. Only a fringe, yes, but I tend to believe this fringe constitutes the core of Last Epoch’s present audience.

Conclusion, in more palatable phrasing:
I do like customising my characters. But I don’t think this is the right time for LE to focus on it.
Complete the campaign (please!), add some more voice acting and some cutscenes, then it will make sense to have a personalised character. Right now it would feel a bit pointless, oxen before the cart if you will, because the game is really not focusing on immersion.


It hasn’t, PoE is still the same as it was when they released the ascendancies in that regard.

One question though, how many of those can you see while playing the game/during combat? During the cutscenes (of which there are quite a few during the campaign), yes, you’ll see most of them (though that then raises a further question of how many times one can stomach playing through a campaign).

And I don’t think the devs have much desire to add. I think the devs have said they plan to add more custscenes like the initial character selection ones (them likely being significantly cheaper to create & not running out of cash does have its benefits).