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Individual vs elemental damage

I am theory crafting a fire mage right now that I will eventually build towards. How does elemental damage break down? Is it like other games where if you have +60 elemental damage its divided up into +20 lightning cold and fire?

Hmm could you be more specific of the source ? Then I could answer in more detail:)

Flat damage like you posted typically doesn’t work like this so it’s confusing to me. However, in the sense of elemental protection; if you have 60 elemental protection it will add 60 to fire, cold, and lightning protection.

If you are referring to % elemental damage, my understanding is that it will increase cold, fire, and lightning damage by the numeric value listed. This is why elemental damage is lower than the % individual damage at t5 .

In other games I have played ele damage % increases all basic ele damages by the flat % where as flat added damage, say +30 ele damage would be +10 to lightning, cold and fire

The first part is true for last epoch as well, and there is no + flat ele damage mod(like the one you described) yet in this game. The mods for + flat damage are only for one type of element at a type fire/cold/lightning. The item mod will always specify one specific type of flat elemental damage.

As far as I know the only source of flat damage for spells is mourning frost unique boots and from wands(non branch type). The only source for flat melee damage is mourning frost(it gives both) and melee weapons(including branch type wand).

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