Increasing the maximum number of rules in a loot filter

NB - This request was also posted in the suggestions forum of LE’s Discord server, but I thought I would write it here as well just in case. That being said, I apologize if that ends up adding more load than anything else, and I hope that won’t be the case. ^^

Hi there! o/

I’ve been making and updating my own loot filter since I started playing around 2020/2021, and I love the implementation of loot filtering. However, after spending so much time making it more fine-tuned and complex, I’ve reached a point where 75 rules is pretty limiting - it might seem like overkill, but I wanted to make it so that, for instance, on the two-handed sword base that grants void damage and void penetration, only void-damage-related affixes are taken into account, as opposed to more generic sword bases where all damage types will be taken into account.

So this request isn’t about what the loot filter rules themselves can do - I personally like that, in the end, even with my detailed filter, I still have to manually check my drops, and I feel like having a loot filter system with 1. access to every property of an item, and 2. extremely detailed logical rules, to a point where “an item is shown” and “an item is worth picking up” would be equivalent, would take away a lot of the feeling of looking for and finding loot.

I would simply like to be able to raise the maximum number of rules a filter can have - from the current 75 to, ideally, somewhere around 100 would already give a lot of added freedom.

I understand that the current limit of 75 was likely implemented out of performance concerns, and that even if it wasn’t, there is probably a good reason for it. But if it is feasible, an increase in the maximum number of rules would go a very long way - especially with the Circle of Fortune’s boons (I didn’t mind at all accepting the fact that my filter’s capabilities show some items that I would hide with a few extra rules, but if I also get 2x the amount of exalteds every echo, it can get overwhelming).

Thank you for reading if/when a staff member reads this, and thank you so much for your amazing work! :heart: