Increased spell damage per skeletal mage

I have the folloring robe:
It says “31% increased spell damage per skeletal mage”
I have 4 skeleton mages summoned, but when I check my character stats and equip it, the “increased spell damage” stat only increases by 23%,.
Should it not increase by 31*4? Or have I misunderstood what this means?

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I did try resummoning them, but it didn’t change the number shown.
Thanks, I’ll try testing it a little.

So I tested a bit on the training dummy, and I didn’t feel the effect worked properly, maybe a bug?

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One way to test this would be to un-equip most of the gear/idols that grant “increased Damage”.

@Celsiuss if you wanted to be REALLY thorough, you could also respect out of the passive that grant damage, but that is both time and money intensive, so I wouldn’t blame you for not testing this.

As mentioned, going from 2501 to 2515 in unnoticeable, but going from 15 to 30 will be.

As someone who has lots of curse damage, but 0 spell damage, I can confirm that the increased damage per Skeletal Mage works properly when I summon a mage and have the equipment. I suspect it’s the snapshotting problem that was causing you to not see a damage increase before.

Now, if someone could make a build that uses these affixes and is actually good, then that’s another thing entirely. I have a Necromancer with 89% spell damage per Skeletal Mage and 2 items with +2 Necrotic damage per Skeletal mage, and I still feel that I hit like a wet noodle.

I tried those and, as you say, it’s no bueno. I’ve focued mostly on the minions and it’s a lot stronger, which is a little unfortunate as my char is mostly a spectator, but it is powerful. I find you either have to focus everything on the minions, or ignore them completely.

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