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Increased Physical Damage Over Time not affecting Bleed Damage

I’ve added a set of images and descriptions here:

The short of it is, I have an Idol with “53% Increased Physical Damage Over Time” but it doesn’t seem to affect bleed damage or reflect in my stats. I’m starting to think this might have to do with the other line on the idol talking about acid flask. As in, it only affects acid flask damage? But it doesn’t state that on the suffix. It only states that it “increases the damage you deal”.

The idol should only affect the Bleed damage on the Other tab, not any of the other lines on the Damage tab. If it wasn’t affecting the Bleed damage then that’s another bug.

It does appear to be working on the Bleed damage figure on the character sheet (mine went up from 79 to 97.

It was also affecting the actual damage as well (from 25 up to 33 per tick with the idol equipped).

Could you upload your build to the build planner (Last Epoch Build Planner) & link it?

I totally missed that upload save file thing the first time, sigh…anyways. I got rid of the idol after this (regret!) but, here’s my build: Marksman, Level 55 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner
I’d remove those 3 single idols on the left for the testing as was evident in the screenshots in the op. And I was going off my observations of the 2nd tick without the boosted damage from the Disembowel passive as well as the highest damage I could get while just spamming the dummy (which was consistently around 8~9k topend with and without idol). I would assume a 53% idol should have been incredibly noticeable when having vs not having.

Not as much as you may think. The planner says you’ve got 425% increased Phys DoT damage so an additional 53% would take you to 478% which would “only” be ~10% higher (278 damage over 4s v 306 over 4s per stack).

Also the way LE packages DoT damage ticks into the numbers you see is a bit odd. The first tick you’ll see will always be double the damage (since it’s combining 2 lots of damage into a single number), then there’ll be ~3 ticks of the “proper” damage usually followed by a much smaller number.

It certainly shouldn’t result in the damage going from 191->190 on the 2nd tick unless the first/last ticks do some really funky stuff. And I’d think if it was 10%, doing 8k~9k without idol would do high 8k->high 9k with it then, perhaps occasionally pushing 10k.