Increased item type blessing help

When we get a blessing “Increased item XYZ drop rate”, for example The Stolen Lance timeline Grand Embrace of Ice , max roll is 50% increased Body armour drop rate, the blessing increases the quantity of drops of this item or just the proportion of this item in relation to the other itens ?

I dont know If my doubt is clear. Let me try and give numbers, If the enemies will drop 10 itens, and the body armor have original 20% chance to be dropped, with the blessing will it have 30% chance to appear and enemies will drop the same 10 itens ?
Or the blessing increase the quantity when the drop occurs, if an armour is selected to be dropped and comes with 50% increased quantity, so instead of 2 it will be 3 armours dropped and 11 itens dropped ?
Its hard to explain the situation above…

A more clear situation is the echoes with exalted body armor reward. Since the only drop is body armor, if with no blessing I would get 6 armors, with the blessing will I get 9 armors ?

The blessing basically give you extra drop.
Not sure how it interact with echoes reward though

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Blessings will give you additional drops of that type.
So you still get the exact same amount of other items that are not of the blessings type.
You only get more items of the specified item type.

Blessings also only affected random drops and not the echo rewards.

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