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% Increased Healing Idols Not Dropping

I am level 82 and have not dropped a single % increased healing idol larger than the smallest size. Are they now limited to drop at only the small size or am I just incredibly unlucky?

You’re just unlucky.

I’ve levelled and geared 8 builds so far and have a special colour in my loot filter for affixes for builds I’m keen to try, this Lich one has been in there since the start and I’ve only ever found 1 of the 2x2 Healing Effectiveness ones.

Also you’re not the first person I’ve seen say that these are few and far between.

They are there, they just don’t like dropping… Keep ploughing away at the Idol nodes and they will come.

I’m hoping for a situation like my Sentinel where I wasn’t finding any Free Smite Idols and then suddenly one day 4 of them dropped.

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They may start dropping more with adorned idol blessing