Increased Healing Effectiveness - passive skills not showing increased

As a paladin i’ve taken several skills that increase the healing effectiveness stat but none of these increases are showing in the character stats screen and do no appear to be affecting other skills that take advantage of the increase (judgement for example).

In the screen shot below you can see I have 3 points in Valor which says “15% increased healing effectiveness” but the stats screen shows 0 increase and Judgement doesnt appear to be receiving the buff

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Thanks for the report-- I’ve found the issue. This issue needs to be fixed on a case-by-case basis, but not all sources are behaving this way. For example, the Sigils of Hope node “Invigorate” is working.

I’ll make a pass to fix this but if you could list the names (and trees) of the other nodes you have I’ll make sure they get fixed. Thanks!

ones i’ve found:


Reverance of Duality
Divine Essence (doesnt appear to increase on trigger as per the description)
Prayer (doesnt appear to increase on trigger as per the description)

Holy Aura - Redemption Node

There are a couple of others I’ll double check but need to repec into them first.


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