Increased Fire Aura Damage Idols

The 1x3 Mage Idols that increase Fire Aura Damage do not seem to be doing anything. No damage increases on the dummy before/after equipping.

Fire Aura also doesn’t appear to benefit from x% increased damage.
Tested with Flame Ward’s Infusion node, going from 79% to 329%, no difference.

The ‘Searing’ Affix doesn’t appear to work either.
Removed/Replaced chest w/ 119% increased Fire Aura affix, no difference.

Thanks, I’ve looked into these bugs and confirmed them. Flame Ward’s Infusion node is a separate problem from the items-- I think the “increased fire damage” buff is applied to the player after the Fire Aura is made, so it isn’t applied.

Thanks for the reports!

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