Increased Echo Damage When A Skill Echoes

I’m currently playing the void knight rive build. The build uses ‘‘increased Echo Damage When A Skill Echoes’’ mod on helmet and body armour. Can someone explain what the mod does? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Void Knight’s mastery bonus says: ‘‘Your melee attacks, throwing attacks and void spells have a 10% chance to be repeated by an echo half a second later (excludes movement abilities and Anomaly)’’. This is basically the dmg that you are increasing with this mod.

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Hmmmm. I assume thats the shadow repeat my skills sometimes. Got it. Thank you so much buddy !


Relatively high in the passive tree you will find some passives to increase the chance of echo. If I’m correct, you can have around 40% chance to get an echo, it’s a huge improvement and damage boost!

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