Increased Damage vs Increased Damage Taken

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I was just hoping for a clarification on whether there is a difference between these stats (see title). In PoE, they are multipliers which become aggregated separately. I’m not sure if that’s true in this game. I assume yes, based on the values present on certain skill trees. Examples of “increased damage taken” being the Time Bubble and Mark of Rot nodes within the Anomaly tree, or Harbinger of Dust from within the Volatile Reversal tree.

PS: Anyone know how much increased damage taken applies from Time Bubble? Also, do the duration nodes (Red Shift) in the Anomaly tree apply to Mark of Rot and/or Time Bubble, or does it only apply to the distance the enemies are sent into the future?

Thanks for any elucidation you can provide!

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Yeah, increased damage taken works exactly like in PoE. Attacker’s outgoing damage is calculated first and increased damage taken is applied to that value. That is, increased damage taken is additive with itself and multiplicative with all other modifier types.

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However Time Bubble is bugged and doesn’t provide and bonus.

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