Increase monster variety in monoliths

Currently, monoliths have about 3, maybe 4 different mobs per run. This is despite their length. This leads to 2 big flaws

  1. It makes them boring.

  2. It makes them way too…volatile I guess? Problem is the elemental damage mobs were scaled dramatically with current patches. The void damage mobs were not. A monolith populated with void mobs is mostly joke. A complete cakewalk. Meanwhile, a monolith populated with exclusively end game mobs is a bullet hell with off-screen fast screen covering projectiles that deal heavy damage. The difference is way too great.

It really should be like arena when it comes to randomization.

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Yeah, it would be good to have more mobs & more variety of mobs in monoliths, as well as them not being able to fire off-screen.

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