Increase channeling damage and increase global damage must be shown in char tab

what happens now is that increased damage is added to all other types of damage making it difficult to count sum of damage increase.
for example 20% channeling damage increase will add 20% to spell and fire damage in char tab, so you may think you do 40% increased fire damage , but it still only 20%

Global damage is shown on the character tab and increased damage while channelling also show up while channelling.

I think that the suggestion is to show, in character tab, only global damage increase and only channeling damage…

Yeah, I did eventually read what he actually posted which is why I deleted my post 'cause it was saying the same thing as he did…

IMO, the problem is that there’s several affixes that affect the same thing (the damage you do) & the devs aren’t going to know which lines the player is interested in seeing. It would all be fixed if they got rid of the current damage screen & made it skill-specific (which is on their list of things to do) like PoE ideally with tooltips for the damage numbers which tell you where the increased damage is coming from.

For example, you have a line that says your skill does 1,000 damage, x chance to crit, inflict poison/bleed/future strikes/whatever. When you hover over each line (damage for example) the tooltip then splits that down into

  • base skill damage
  • added damage from gear
  • added damage from passives x, y & z
  • increased damage from skill
  • increased elemental damage from gear
  • increased spell/melee damage from gear
  • increased elemental damage from passives
  • increased spell/melee damage from passives

With similar detail for the other lines (crit chance, crit damage, chance to inflict ailments, ailment damage, etc).

Thereby showing the player what’s happening & where everything’s coming from.

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I kind of agree with you, but I would like to see everything that I have besides of the skills tooltip, idk if it would be a duplicate information, but it’s kind a nice know your “base damage”, they could do this with attack skill, but it wouldn’t show the thowing attack and the spell attack.

Yeah, Sacred 2 did that, they had a Sigma icon on the character/inventory screen that summed up all of the modifiers that were affecting you.

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