Incorrect item description (typo) [0.8.2I]

The item “Ursine fur boots of hope” rolled with: 11% increased ARMOUR.
Not sure if it is only related to that item.

So they didn’t roll % void resist?

Sorry for the vague description.

What I meant is that there seems to be a typo for the word ARMOR; i.e. it was spelled ARMOUR instead.

Although Armour (British English) and Armor (American English) are both valid spelling, It would be less confusing to stick to one of them.

This is a known issue with how diverse our team is, these mistakes happen. At some point we will revert all the spelling to one or the other version of Armor/Armour, right now it is low priority.

Thanks for the report.

Yes, this is a known and oft reported issue.

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