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Incorrect class level display

Not sure when it appeared. But now my spellblade’s level is frozen at 25. Though I spent more points then 25. Also, I have Innervate skill which requires 35 points. So it seems it’s just a display bug.

Also it remains after re-login.

Thanks for the report! Did you hit the “Ascend to Spellblade” button that is present when you aren’t previewing the later passives? I’m wondering if it’s a display bug or if you aren’t actually supposed to have those nodes unlocked and Innervate unlocked by mistake.

If to be honest, I can’t remember exactly. I’m sure I saw it, but did I click it… I can’t say :slightly_frowning_face:

But I’m sure I clicked button to view higher passives before I could reach them.
And it’s possible that it happened during the same session when I actually reached ascension level (still, it’s an assumption).

To double check if you’ve pressed it you can close the passives window and then go to a new zone, then open it again. The button should appear if you didn’t press it. Also, your class in the Character sheet should depend on if you pressed it.

Hm, I launched the game today and that button appeared. After I clicked it UI became completely normal. It’s pretty funny - I reentered yesterday (without full client restart) and the bug still was there :slight_smile:

Thanks :blush:

No worries. If you have “Preview Passives” enabled when you reach the threshold the button doesn’t always appear.

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