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Inconsistent Description

Does anyone know if the Patient Strike node (30% more damage, but now has a cooldown) on the Forge Strike skill tree applies to all damage, or only physical damage? The lengthier description just references damage, but the shorter description references physical damage specifically. From what I can tell, the lengthier description seems to specify when relevant.

It’s more physical damage & the description says that it does more hit damage (Forge Strike hits deal more damage) so no, it shouldn’t affect any bleeds (physical DoTs) or any non-physical hit damage.

My issue is that one specifies physical and the other does not. I cannot seem to find any other node where this inconsistency exists. For example, the Kindling node on Shield Bash specifically mentions both “melee” and “fire” damage in both sections of the description. The Searing Faith node of the Judgement skill is another example.

It makes me wonder if the node was changed at some point and part of the description was updated, but part of it was not.

That is entirely possible. The devs have previously said that if there’s a disagreement between the description & the line item modifiers, the modifiers are correct.

I found this from either the 7.8 or 7.9 (I forget which) patch notes:

  • Added a new node that grants Forge Strike 30% more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), but adds a 3 second cooldown.

This makes me think it is all damage. Also, 30% more damage of a specific type (and thus likely more like 15-20% more damage, or potentially even less) in exchange for a cooldown seems absolutely terrible.

I might see if there is a way I can test this by monitoring tooltip changes when I level this guy back up.

Thanks again for your input!

You’d have to compare how much the DPS increases with X phys damage compared to X non-phys damage ideally nekkid with no other % increased modifiers & ideally just the nodes directly on a path to that one allocated.

Yeah, I understand how the math works. Very simply, whatever proportion of damage you deal that is physical is the same proportion you would need to apply to the 30%. So if you do 80% physical damage, then it is the same as doing 24% more damage. I understand pen and armor shred could complicate things in terms of actually crunching the numbers, but that is how it should work.

Realistically, the power of added damage is so high for this skill, which has 350% added effectiveness, that you would be silly to only scale added physical, when added fire is much more readily available from things like Sigil of Power, the Fresh from the Forge passive, Smite, and even from the Forge Strike tree itself, among others.

My opinion is that the node needs to be all hit damage to potentially be strong. Currently, 30% is an upper limit, but it is functonally significantly less in many situations.

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Just as a follow up; it does indeed only boost physical damage. I got about a 20% boost to the tooltip when I took the node, suggesting it was not scaling about 1/3 of my damage, which is consistent with the proportion of non-physical damage I was dealing.

It suggears that what you said is true: the line item modifiers are more “trustworthy” if there is a discrepancy. Thanks again!