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Inconsistency: New Skill icon on 5th skill unlock

Not really a bug, but when you unlock the 5th skill it generally replaces your attack skill. It will then show the “new skill” icon in the lower right, despite the fact that it has already been added to your skill bar and that it did not show up for the first 4 skills.

Thoughts on this @Mike_Weicker?

I can see it drawing attention to the fact you have a new skill, which isn’t the worst thing.

This is actually intentional because it replaces a skill on your bar and we found people didn’t notice at first. We’ll keep an eye on it but for now it’s going to stay as is I think.

Moving to Feedback and Suggestions.

I’d think it’d make sense to have it show up for the first four skills as well in that case, so that it’s consistent.

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