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Hello EHG,

I was recently doing some gameplay and noticed that buildings, walls, etc do not phase out when you go behind them, or are obstructed your view of your character by them. I would love to suggest that this be something looked at as a possibility down the line, as I think it would be a huge quality of life change.

To clarify, I am not talking about “getting stuck”, just having view of character obstructed by larger/solid objects.

Thanks EHG! Keep up the fantastic work!

Yeah, I noticed this a lot in whats-her-face’s tower before you go to Lagon’s temple.

Liath’s Tower, I think?

Sounds correct.

These are bugs & the devs need pics with the specific examples & their location in the zone from the minimap so they can find & fix them.

Here’s one from the waypoint room in Liath’s Tower, since that was an area that immediately came to mind. Can’t be bothered to go through every floor to post these right now, but should give anyone who needs to work on it some idea of what to look for.

Each floor of the tower has a similar issue in a similar spot.

I’m sorry, I had some IRL stuff going on and getting more information out on this got put on the back burner. One zone where this is a HUGE issue is The Sapphire Quarter. I haven’t found a single building in this zone I could go “behind” and not have it phase out. Matter of a fact, you could go into any zone with similar style buildings to these ones, and they don’t seem to phase out.

List of Zones with Issues:

  • The Sapphire Quarter
  • Maj’Elka
  • The Wraith Dunes (includes Cacti)
  • Small Portions of non-bothersome in Titan’s Canyon
  • Almost every Single Zone from The Rust Lands to The Immortal Summit has at least a handful of buildings/boulders/etc that do not properly phase out.
  • Welryn Outskirts
  • Imperial Welryn

Basically over half of the entire Imperial Era

I will try to get some screenshots at some point hopefully this week.

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Also, I did go and try Liath’s Tower out myself, and it does indeed have a few areas where that issue happens. So thanks for that one Albino

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@ReignofpainGames @Albinosaurus

As Llama mentioned, these are bugs - please post them in the Bug section of the forum with a screenshot of the place and description. EHG regularly montiors the bug section and updates their internal to-do lists when these are posted there…

Bug posts here are likely not to get eye-balls as quickly…

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I completely forgot it was mentioned to be referred to the Bugs Reporting section. I have recreated the post there, and I will see what is needed to shut this one down.

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Ah, seems I can’t remove the thread myself. So if someone else could kindly do so, thanks. <3

Dont worry about it… it will eventually disappear into the ether… :wink:

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