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In-game info that would be great to see

I know that more detailed tooltips are coming, and that’s great! Here are a few other informational items that would be nice to see. I was talking about this during my stream the other evening and Reimerh suggested I compile and post here.

  • More detailed XP information - the number remaining to the next level at minimum. Right now, manually tracking it is challenging. An optional but interesting data point would be XP gain per hour.
  • More detailed damage information on the character sheet - specific ability damage that takes into account synergies and stats. Right now it shows only base damage, but what about my Vengeance damage or my Cinder Arrow damage? If this is planned with the tooltip update then I rescind this request!
  • More information about the cause of death. - Not just what killed you and the damage type, but also what damage you took in the seconds leading up to your death. It may have been a physical bow shot that got me, but if it was something else like a DoT or another mob that was doing the real damage, it would be nice to visualize that.
  • A better way to display ward - I’ll acknowledge up-front this may be tough to implement since ward is a moving target. The base UI shows ward in a binary state - your health globe is either blue or it’s not. Then you have to watch a number that is constantly moving/adjusting, and that’s tough at a glance. Enabling the player health bar is moderately better, but due to the way it displays ward you can appear to have a fuller bar even when your effective HP is lower. If that’s unclear I can provide screenshots of what I mean. Perhaps a way around this is to display more than one bar for ward instead of increasingly small divisions of one bar. Also, the health bar distorts when it’s within ground effects, such as the aura of decay on the Acolyte, so it can be hard to read.

IMO, that has to be what the tooltip dps gives us. I know the PoE skill damage on the character sheet isn’t necessarily too accurate, but that’s the kind of detail I’d like to see. Skill damage broken down by element, attacks/casts per second, leech %, life/ward on hit, crit chance, crit multi, secondary effect info (ailments, other effects such as Detonating Arrow’s Lightning Tendrils), etc all updated in real time (to account for temporary buffs). And for minions as well.

Yeah, I agree. In general, I’d like to see the information that people commonly use things like D3Planner for, but without having to rely on a third party.

Now, there are uncommon things people use that for and that’s not something I see as necessary. And, if there was a concern about displaying too much complexity to the average player, I’m certainly fine if some of this is nested and optional. I’d just like it to be available!

Which they could get around by having a “simple” set of data by default like D3 does with it’s skill tooltips & a more detailed version for those with Excel-withdrawl issues (mentioning no names).