In game auto-cast

I have tried a build that sounded interesting to me and one of the skills used should be cast whenever it comes off cool down. I have been manually activating the skill before, after and at cool down times. Is there already the ability to have a skill or skills to auto-cast off cool down?

If not, may I offer up a suggestion on how to implement this? First I would like to say that having the configuration work for each character versus generically global for all characters. If I have character 1 that I would like to have skill 3 auto-cast but character 15 I need skills 4 and 5, have the configuration stick with the character.

As for how to implemented this, possibly have the white diamond that lets you know that you can cast the skill be toggle-able. Keep the white for the way things work now and if the diamond is clicked, it will change color, maybe purple to stand out, to let you know that it will auto-cast off cool down.

Right now you can do it with the windows in built NUM-Lock mechanic.

the devs have expressed that while it’s not a violation of TOS to use the auto-cast trick macknum described (or any other keyboard macro variation), they ideally don’t want players to feel they have to use skills in that way. so we’ll never see an in-game option for auto-cast unless they have a change of heart.

basically, they said that if players feel they have to use auto-cast on a skill, they’ve designed the skill poorly and will revisit it/rework it so that it’s not the choice players feel compelled to make.

for what it’s worth, i’ve played a number of builds both with and without auto-casting skills and i generally prefer the gameplay of the builds that don’t use it. but i think i’m an outlier because i also hate playing “one-button” builds in PoE.

The skill that I am referencing is the Wandering Spirits for the Acolyte.

For those not familiar with this skill, it reveals wandering spirits around you for five seconds. The spirits wander at random dealing necrotic damage over time to enemies they pass through. The spell tree allows them to cast Spectral Putrescence at nearby enemies. This also allows on hit modifiers. This allows you to have a lot of attackers for you on the screen to help remove the mobs and bosses a lot faster.

Another alternative to the num-lock trick is to keep holding the button for that skill down (which is all the num-lock trick does).

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