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In-depth guides to different mechanics in the game

I’m sorry if it seems like double-posting or advertising of another topic. I’ve made some “in-deapth” analysis of Void Knight Abyssal Echoes archetype. The link

I “duplicate” it here since in General it will get more attention I believe. My main intention is to get some feedback from the community on this format of guide. The idea is not to give the exact set of instruction but rather elaborate on some key mechanic aspects of the archetype given. This kind of guide do not restrict your in-game choices but it gives you solid understanding of how the things actually work and help you to avoid some certain mistakes related to the building you chars. I believe it will be helpful and you will like this. I hope here it will get more attention cause I spend quite some time but really enjoyed the process of analysis and hope you will enjoy too :slight_smile:

If you like this format please let me know and I’ll continue the series.

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It is very interesting but to be honest it goes far beyond what I can mathematicaly understand and somewhat beyond the way I see games. Really and sincerely very interesting, but I’m not the audience for that. :wink:

I agree. It’s beyond an adequite attention to the game :sweat_smile:
Regarding math used there I also see your point. I understand that a lot of people don’t understand this and they don’t need to understand this actually. That’s why I’ve gathered all the complex stuff in one section and also note there that it can be safely skipped. Also there is tldr and archetype cornerstone sections. They give brief and full summary of the results because I don’t think that people should read everything trying to get some useful info in the text wall. Math in those two sections (I mean tldr and cornerstone) are simple school math and you can find a lot of similar formulas in the built-in game guide. That’s my take on this :slight_smile:

I wrote twice that it’s really interesting and I still mean it. :slight_smile:
Your post was nice and full of useful elements, but I’m not sure the size of the audience you will have for this, or the quantity of people who think the game that way. :wink:

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It’s perfect. Thanks to this post I noticed your VK guide (I dont usually bother following build guides unless I am interested to try a specific build, but I would read your guides any time).

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