Improvements to MG

There are major problems with UI and QoA in MG. The lists are a mess. People list trash willy nilly and use MG as a private stash. You can’t effectively navigate through all that because of the lacking UI. There must be improvements to UI and/or more limitations to the freedom of listing.

  1. Use elements of loot filter UI in list filters. Most importantly, enable filtering affix tiers for multiple affixes (like “I want T7 of this plus any tier of another”).

  2. On top of that, include roll ranges in list filters.

  3. Remove bonuses to reputation for listing.

  4. Introduce limitations to the number of items you can have listed at a time. Make it progress through the ranks.

  5. Introduce a limitation to how long an item can remain listed.

  6. (Maybe) Introduce an option to flag inappropriate or inadequate listings (with a limited number of flags not to enable psychos on that front). After a number of flags, the item is taken out.