Improvements suggestions

Hello, I would share my experience into this game, first of all thank you to the team for the hard work, this game remind me the experience that I had when I was child on Diablo II.

This game is really awesome and I hope that you could improve it to some points :

  • Add a customisable left-clic? Don’t know if it’s in plan or not, but had a 6th ability could be a nice improvement instead of just 5. If not possible may be add an ability button like “spacebar” only to bind movement skill or something like that.

  • Add some informations about void/necrotic damages (I don’t know if it’s linked to an ailment?)

  • May be add some high-end components like, jewels, stones, runes or something else to customize/craft stuff.

  • To my mind rift system should be improved in the future, to not restart from 0 everytime and especially the possibility to customize the rifts with affixes.

  • Arena is not really good atm, waves are coming from 4 differents ways to make some packs it’s pain, and something that everybody (or almost) likes in a hack’n’slash game is to have big packs of mobs to kill. And this thing takes too age to get up, if you fail you restart from 0 again. Not everyone has 2 hours for playing. May be choosing the level of the Arena could be really nice, because an unstuff champion won’t go really far into the Arena.

  • Add search field in the map

  • Do not cast spell/attack with right-clic unless you hold shift or you’re targeting a mobs.

  • Possibility of having a companion/servitor with customisable stuff (like d2?)

  • Add trade

  • Possibility re-enter our last(s) message(s) in the chat with up arrow or a key like that

  • Auto stack shards in the Crafting Bench

  • BUG discovered : As a Necromancer, I was on rift (Monolith of Fate) I got killed by the boss and my minions killed him, then I clicked “Open Portal” and I was back to the “End of Time” with my Rift BONUS but my RIFTs were EMPTY of MOBS, except BOSSES, I could not loot gold/potions but all other ITEMS I could

All those ideas here are just from my opinion, may be on some I could be wrong or impossible to do, this is just suggestions to improve our experience.

Sorry if I made some mistakes, my English is not perfect.

Thank you for reading.

Glad you’re enjoying the game, the more the merrier. I do want to address some of your points, providing you with some extra knowledge and some things the devs have stated either here on the forums or on the discord.

  • Regarding customizable left click: The devs implemented last patch 3 different modes for the left click, Move, Move or Break Destructible, and Move or Attack. As far as I know that’s as far as they’re planning to go regarding extra skills, as the game is balanced around 5 specialized skills. The only way I’ve seen around that is on primalist or acolyte, where spells that activate on hit when specialized like Ice Thorns or Hungering Souls still activate when off of the bar. This could change in the future and is not set in stone, but that’s the current design philosophy.

  • The closest thing Void has to an ailment is Time Rot, which as of this moment is Void Knight only and is explained on various skills as such: “Time Rot deals Void Damage over Time, reduces Melee Attack Speed, Throwing Attack Speed, and Cast Speed by 15%, and increases Stun duration by 25%. Time Rot does not stack.” Necrotic does not have an associated ailment to my knowledge .

  • Monolith of Fate and Arena are very bare-bones right now. Monolith of Fate is slated for improvements in Phase 4 of the Early Access Roadmap, and Arena was initially implemented as a placeholder but people liked it so EHG is currently looking into ways to improve that as a potential endgame system.

  • Per the Roadmap the Bazaar will be the implemented method of trading, as an auction house-style system.

  • For the Bug, please create a topic on the Bug Report Forums, and if you can replicate it please post a subsequent game log before restarting the game as directed here.

The rest of your feedback I agree with, and hope it’ll be added along the development process.

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