[Improve missing stuff] A number of questions from a beginner player who loves the game and wants his success

First , I must say that I really like the game, Pleasantly surprised , I hope it will only get better…

  1. Is it possible to save the skills and builds on the character that I can save , ? then load and exchange skills for the same character in click (for example in diablo 3 )?

  2. Have you thought about a reset for all the skills? Without too much cleverness to go and accumulate more XP to rebuild, just build as much as you want however you want, even if you get confused, easily and quickly.?

  3. Is there any thinking about me pressing SPACE and going faster for a few seconds no matter what skills I use?

From my point of view 1 and 2 are very important!

I really hope that the game, the graphics and the improvements that the community is asking for will continue to improve, because the product has an excellent future if only they polish it properly.

after years of years playing d2-d3-d4 , in d4 its look like blizzard messing around and just killed Diablo 4.

First of all, welcome.

No. You have to pay gold to respec your passive points (though not too much) and you have to relevel your skills, so this wouldn’t work.

I’m sure it must have been suggested before. Although this would be more useful for the passives. For skills, you can respec each fully by despecialinzing, so you only have to do that 5 times.

You mean like a turbo boost? I don’t think there are any plans for that. There have been requests about a dodge button, like in GD.

Regarding the respec, it’s easier now than it used to, but there are no plans to ever make it instant switch like in D3. Most players don’t really appreciate that, since it takes a lot of fun out of having to make new characters.


And IIRC they’ve also explicitly said they do not want a feature like that anyway, because they don’t want to encourage content dependent build swapping.

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