Impressions and suggestions for improving the game

Hello everyone, first of all a big thank you to the developers for this beautiful game ! Pardon my English, but I would like to share my impressions and thoughts on the development of the game.

Conceptually and visually the game looks very good, I liked the builds, character development and itemization. You have done a great job and it is noticeable, I would like to share the changes that I think will make the game even better.

The faction system
The current faction system needs some changes, my general impressions of the factions and the economy of the game are as follows:

I think that the COF faction looks best at the beginning of the game, but in the middle and end of the season this faction looks much weaker. Finding items to improve at the end of the game with a high LP is more like playing the lottery with a very low chance of winning, which in turn can greatly affect the motivation of players to keep playing.

This faction is very sensitive to general bugs, dupes and errors in gameplay as any errors can significantly affect the economy and accelerate inflation, in turn this will raise prices to such heights that the process of min/maxing a character can cost too much money and players will quickly lose interest

My suggestions for improvement:

  1. Lightless Arbor Dungeon should give the ability to spend money up to 1 millard gold, naturally giving great rewards. This is to “take” gold out of the game and slow down the overall inflation for the MG faction. In order to balance this dungeon for COF players I would add a new type of prophecies to earn more gold, because MG players can earn hundreds of millions from selling items, COF players should also have this opportunity.

  2. I have heard many times that the developers consider 500 level corruption to be a high achievement and the limit for most builds. I think this is a big mistake, 500 - level corruption is too easy to get in terms of time spent, if this will be the limit for most builds players will lose interest in the game too quickly. I believe that we need to focus on 1000 - level corruption to balance all builds, and it is better if this figure will be with each season will only grow with the increasing strength of our characters and the possibility of improving them.

  3. I know that the community voted for balance edits during the season, but I still think it is a mistake, nothing is so much appreciated in ARPG as reinforcement and time spent on your character, if at some point you go into the game and can no more kill monsters - it forms a very negative impression of the players. I realize that in an ideal world your just need to better test the game that would not make such mistakes, but if you made a mistake - please fix it in the first days of the season, not in the middle and especially not at the end. Such mistakes and their corrections really make people delete the game and get negative emotions.

  4. I know for a fact that the game still has bugs related to duplicate items. I would suggest that you spend more time on identifying such bugs and automating player checks. After all, it is obvious that a player can not have 3-10 identical items, I think such a check can be automated at the level of checking the database that would further identify the errors that led to this. This problem greatly affects the economy of players MG-faction.

  5. Temporal Sanctum dungeon has too unpleasant mechanics when going through it, players don’t like going through unpleasant mechanics that don’t reward them, and considering that by the end of the game you have to go through the maze at least 50 times - it really starts to get annoying. I would suggest that after going through a dungeon more than 10 times, cut it down to only going through the boss without the maze.

  6. Soulfire Bastion looks good if there was no faction system, now this dungeon looks too weak, at the end of the game no one will take this activityt, I think we need to improve the reward for more motivation for players to pass this type of activity.

  7. The COF faction should be balanced for a faster way to get the necessary items, at the moment MG gives more advantages. I believe that the solution to this problem could be to add an increased chance of LP item in monolith bosses, conceptually it will not affect the faction, but players will be able to specifically knock out the necessary items in different regions of the monolith.

Incorrect. The community voted for fixing bugs that created imbalances, not changing balance generally.

It doesn’t change anything, claiming that the ballista skill had the wrong radius boost instead of area is more like a joke that can be applied to any skill in the game. I haven’t played ballista but I’m leaning towards the fact that you can’t make such a big change mid-season, essentially killing any build. Anyway, my post touched on more topics than balance edits.

Are you saying that the devs were lying, and there wasn’t an error?

I will not confirm that in this particular case we were lied to, but the community has given them a free hand to fix any errors at any time in the cycle. If they notice that some builds are stronger than others, isn’t that a bug? All strong builds are essentially caused by a design or technical error.

No, there will always be stronger builds and weaker builds at any given moment in any game. That doesn’t mean that these are coding errors. A design error is a design error, not a bug.

If the next “fix” will be to reduce the amount of ward from paladin smite skills - it will be a very bad trend that does not guarantee anyone that his character will not become 3 times weaker tomorrow. In the end it doesn’t matter if it’s a bug or not, a character that players put hundreds of hours into shouldn’t become weaker because of someone else’s mistakes, developers need to better test their game or not make such changes in the middle of the cycle.

It’s not a case of the character becoming weaker because of someone’s mistake.

It’s a matter of the character having been too strong because of someone’s mistake.

Or maybe players shouldn’t put hundreds of hours into abusing a bug and then act like they’re entitled to keep doing it.

Or new players may not even know there’s a bug in their build from a popular content creator

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