Impossible to write in game chat

I put this here from Spain, because many of us have problems writing in the Spanish chat, with anything it tells us that we are putting words that violate the game’s code of conduct, and it is not like that, fix this now, people are starting to get fed up

I’m at 3 weeks today banned from chat - they don’t respond. “Multiplayer patch” banned on day one of the patch drop - zero resolution. I’ve made about 10 posts on it. Not sure what the appropriate time length is for a “beta” game to give them but I’m right about it.

Hi - I am ingame-chat banned because I used the german word for “graphic” when someone asked for an opinion and I answered. So great that there is no oportunity to get unbanned.

edit: I did read in another forum thread, that it is possible to stop the game fom messaging you are banned by manually typing “/global” in front of your messages - of ALL your messages by the way. what an inconvenience :frowning: