Impossible to empower 55 and 80 timeline

Hi there.
After completing the monolith (10/10) by finishing for the 2nd time “ending the storm”, i was only able to empower the balck sun by clicking on a blue stash. I was expecting the 2 others to shine so i could click on them and empower the remaining timelines : it didn’t happen.
I managed to start few echoes on the 2 timelines then reseted them hoping for the level 100 option to pop : it didn’t happen.
I don’t know what to try next.
Thanks for your help

Is this in Beta 0.8.1? The way that Timelines are empowered has changed. There are now 3 new Timelines beyond the Reign of Dragons-- after you clear all 3 of these you can unlock the Empowered version of all Timelines.

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ok, didn’t notice 0.8.1 was released so it might be the reason why i couldn’t empowered the remaining timeline.

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