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Important : I LOST 2 hours + of important significant progression, please help!


I was playing today, enjoying the game as usual on geforce now, and suddenly for the first time after more than 50 hrs recorded on steam, my session crashed.

When reconnecting, i noticed my character to be in the state it was more than 2 hours ago at least, i lost a bunch of uniques most notably a chest piece that boosted my health by 38% and made my life a lot easier as a poison liche.

Fortunately i did record the fight i had some time before the crash when i completed my last 90 boss to finally unlock lvl 100 empowered monolith, below on the first video you can see the state of my session before the crash at 8:30 , v.s the state where it got rolled back at 400 stability, currently, it’s a clear proof of all what i lost.



The chat reacted in disbelief, and told me that it was either a glitch or me trying to cheat or lie in someway which is not the case, i have never even used a third party nor interacted with the game in a suspicious way, i am just a new player trying to enjoy the game.

That being said, and after reconsidering, this might possibly be the primary cause of all of this, i did notice something very strange during those 2 hours + when i was min maxing my build.
At one point i used an acolyte helmet that gave me a +1 on one of my skills, (death seal), but i kept swapping that helmet in and out as with the rest of my gear in a genuine attempt to check which build worked best for me naturally.
BUT during the process at a certain moment, i did notice that even without wearing the said helmet, i still had a +1 displaying on my skill, i thought it was a visual glitch, and sure enough after a while it did wear off and i saw my character back to normal, so i didn’t think more of it.

When the chat evoked the question of glitch it immediately reminded me of that moment which is completely out of my power, and the time at which those events occured almost match the moment in time where i got rolled back in time with some exceptions such as the gear that i’m wearing and the equipments in my inventory.

Either way this is a very very frustrating experience, and as a new player who was deeply enjoying the game so far, i wish no person to experience such atrocity especially not after release.

I lost a unique chest that boosted my health up by 38% and radically change the easiness of my clears a lot, and basically more than 2 hours of important progression that i just have to redo all over which is very sad.

Something good can happen out of my miserable experience.


Sorry you had this experience…

Unfortunately crashes are to be expected with beta applications so things like this can and do happen…

GeForce Now adds a new complication to the mix tho in that crashes can mean lost progress. As I understand it, GeforceNow is using the steam cloud backup and if the game crashes (and assuming the savegame file is not corrupted in the process) then its likely that the cloud backup doesnt initiate properly and steam doesnt update. So next time you play, it uses the older savegame… Thats one guess at the cause…

Another one could be - without knowing the exact ins and outs of Geforce Now it could also be that the save process with LE is interrupted and unless you returned to the lobby (character selection screen) then you are at the mercy of whenever the last save occured.

Steam Cloud saves can be manually accessed via but I am not sure how this would work with GeForceNow… You may be able to investigate and get your progression back - unlikely but hey, its something…

One thing I would suggest - again, not sure how GeforceNow affects this - but you might want to manually backup your cloud saves… that way you will have a copy of your files - and even possibly be able to play them outside of GeforceNow.

I dont use GeforceNow but I manually backup my local files every time I play - dont want to think about losing 800h+ of playtime and 60 odd stash tabs of goodies… :wink:

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Hey there,

Thank you for your helpful answer, there is something that got me scared while reading it about the save files when you mentioned this :

Isn’t the game keeping a copy of our progression in their server somewhere ? I didn’t think our progression would only be kept locally, i mean surely there must be at least a diff that must be kept on their end otherwise anybody could temper with those files and exploit their numbers however they’d like.

After reading this i’d more than like to keep a copy of these save files myself, but as i’m playing on a remote machine for which i can’t access even a simple file explorer, don’t really know how i’ll be able to leverage that. yet

Aside from that note, if i’ve decided to play on a different computer, surely my character will be there hopefully.

I guess these kind of local save practices are there in case of a server crash or corruption issue which is not out of the question but definitely on the responsibility of the game developers rather than the players themselves.

Nope, the only servers EHG have at the moment is/are the chat servers.

It’s an, currently, offline game that has chat & requires a login for verification purposes, and an arena leaderboard.

There’s Steam Cloud that can backup your save files.

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Thank you for all the clarficiations

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Yip… As Master Llama said, nothing online now… but what he neglected to mention is the goodies to come… When the multiplayer features go live, then you will have online savegames on EHG servers… offline (now) and online (then) saves will be available and entirely separate…