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I am not the biggest fan of RNG crafting as it is but i can see and understand the direction you guys are going and i can respect it. But i think it gets to a point where it is just way to much. Some implicits have stat ranges varying by like 60+ stats. On top of that you usually are wanting a specific base type and for that base type to roll with a high rolled implicit ( runes of shaping are a joke )… while also having the stats you want on an item… while also rolling higher than tier 1 of those stats… and finally having a lowish instability when it drops ( items shouldnt drop with near 20 instability no matter how good they drop…) i dunno man… when i first started playing this game i liked the crafting but the more i use it i just get sad even before pushing the button. i dont feel like im encouraged to use the crafting, any piece thats remotely close to an upgrade needs to much to actually make it an upgrade… im not using runes of shaping to reroll the ranges of an implicit that has a 60+ stat range when the item dropped at 17 instablilty in the first place and i sitll need to craft higher tiers on the item.

TLDR I shouldnt be able to gamble 5 million gold over an hour time invested sitting in town and not get an upgrade after many many many many many inventories full of a specific slot item all because im fracturing items at 90%+ trying to use runes of shaping before i even get to crafting the prefix suffixs of an item. People should get excited to use your crafting system and not think that its a chore thats meant to punish you and keep you in an endless loop.

Edit: im not expecting perfect gear either not even close. im level 100 and my gloves are so hilariously bad but they rolled decently high implcit… my gloves have 2 tier 1 mods on them at level 100. ive been trying for multiple days and many of gambles to replace an item i got when i was level 45.

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Runed Bones is a prime example of this with implicit ranges 6-16, 6-36 and 6-66 making it difficult to get a good roll while other items have multiple implicits that are static with only one implicit that might have a small amount of variance. It all seems a bit arbitrary.

The devs have said that they like having larger implicit ranges as that allows for more item chase. Not sure I personally agree but there it is.

As a new person on these forums, I see so much naysaying like “this is how it is because this is what they want.” Makes me think it’s a waste of time. Wish there was more “Thanks for this perspective, they’re tallying it up” (not that they’re changing their mind) and move on.

Yeah, that’s fair. It’s probably why I’m not in a customer-facing role at work…

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The dev team has proven multiple times that they read the comments and listen to players.
The recent hotfix is the last example, with the adjustment of difficulty related to Chapter 9.
It’s true that in several cases, they have said “this is what we want”. We, as player, can only acknowledge. It doesn’t mean they will never change their mind, but it’s a kind of official statement.
The game they are developing is their game, coming from their vision. It is now enriched by our comments and the experience of our play time, but they must be sure that as a whole, the game is consistent.

I’m referring to player attitude responding to the feedback posts, not the developers replying to feedback posts (since that doesn’t happen much).

It’s a different philosophy for a player to hop in and, say thanks for the idea even if we’ve heard it, compared to: yeah well we’ve heard it all before and this is why it is what it is.

It’s also a different situation than when a player responds to a feedback post saying, here’s my voice in the matter which echos or disagrees with what you say.

Anyway, people gonna do what they gonna do.

i only agree with the dev’s reasoning for weapons. Small vairance is okay for other items, but for weapons thats where the chase gets exciting so it makes sense to have some variance there.

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