Implement a "lock equipped items" feature

It is way too easy to lose items by mistake, this is an easy to implement feature that will be a huge quality of life improvement.

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and welcome to the club of “oh sh!t, I miss clicked with the shift key and sold/lost my gear” :wink: and didnt realise it.

This request comes up ever 6 months or so… Hopefully the devs will add something eventually but I figure its pretty low on the priority list right now…

If you realise you’ve just sold something you didn’t mean to then there’s the buy back tab at the merchant/gambler that retains the last X items vendored.

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Not really.

It really is, you can buy back stuff, but if you are just going through stuff for shattering then you are done. Also you may sell your item and don’t realize until it is to late, I don’t know how far back the game keeps track of the sold items.

The point is, it is a really easy thing to implement and the game isn’t any better not having the feature.

I agree that not having it isn’t an improvement. But we have no idea how trivial it is to implement.

It’s really not. All you have to do is pay attention to what you’re doing, instead of not paying attention to what you’re doing. If it were really as easy as you claim, it would be happening all the time, and to a lot of people. But that clearly isn’t happening.

And knowing that, you should know to pay attention, double check, and not shatter your items indiscriminately.

You have no idea how easy it is to implement. It would require multiple teams - Product, UI/UX, Engineering, QA at the very least, and possibly Art, depending on how they’re structured - to spend time and effort to plan, design, develop, and test it. It’s not as simple as one guy going “Hey Bob, where’s that ‘Add lock inventory button’ button, again? I thought it was in Settings but I can’t find it. Oh wait there it is, nevermind. Done. Ship it!” There’s a cost to every feature, and it’s always larger than non-engineers think it is.

It isn’t meaningfully worse not having the feature either.

All you’re asking for here is EHG to spend time, effort, and money to solve your problem of you being inattentive.

What a detailed reply!, I happen to be a software developer myself and know it is not that difficult. If you want to make it prettier and fancier then you can do all the art work you want and expend as much time as you possibly want on that. This is the type of game were you have to repeat the same thing over and over, I like the grind, don’t get me wrong, but anything that could help the player without damaging the game loop is a nice addition.
The forum is just meant to provide feedback and improve the game by it, does it improve the experience? I think yes, I am not saying it is a game breaking thing, you are welcome to think otherwise.

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Then you should know better than to categorically assume you know the LOE of adding features to a product you haven’t put eyes or hands. Perhaps you will understand that better when you gain more experience as an engineer.

You misunderstand. I’m not arguing that it wouldn’t improve anyone’s experience - though it certainly wouldn’t improve my experience, because I have no need for it and would never use it. I’m telling you that what you’re asking for is EHG to spend resources on a solution to your problem of not paying attention to what you’re doing - a problem you can solve yourself - and that I think that it’s wrong of you to do that.

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